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Biovita ProLacto is a fruits vegetables Prebiotics and Probiotics. Contains 25 billion CFU per sachet. 7 strains of beneficial bacteria. High Bifidobacteria supports colon health. High lactobaccili stimulate and support the immune system. With added prebiotics. Probiotics influence more than just gut health! It can also improve nasal, sinus, and respiratory health. Improve gastrointestinal nutrients absorption and digestive comfort. It is also beneficial to our immune health and also urogenital health.

You Need Probiotics If: - You are using or have recently used antibiotics. - Suffer from troublesome digestion and constipation. - You want to boost your immune system, - You are over age of 50. Level of probiotics in our body started to decline after age of 50. Reduction in these organisms in the large bowel may be related to increased risk of disease in elderly people. -You use antacid frequently, as antacid alters the pH level of the GI tract, creating an environment favourable to the growth of harmful bacteria and yeast. -You suffer from IBS, Crohn's disease, Colitis. -You currently have yeast infection. -You have or have had urinary tract infection. -Your diet is lacking of fruits and vegetables.