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Bloop Foot Mask is formulated using natural plant extracts and fruit acids that gently penetrates into the layer of dead skin and activates the renewal and rehydration rocess of the skin cells. The natural fruit acids contained in this mask forces the dead skin cells at the epidermislayer to shed away naturally, allowing new cells to grow and surface to the top.

How It Works

This process also opens up clogged pores, neutralizes bacteria from within and prevents pores from clogging up again. The cucumber and aloe vera extracts moiturizes, nourishes and replenishes the skin, making your feet feel smoother and softer. The entire treatment will take approximately 7 days.

How To Use

Step 1) Wash your feet and pat dry with towel.
Step 2) Slip on Bloop's Foot Mask and let your feet rest for one hour. (Tips: For better comfort, wear a sock over the mask.)
Step 3) Remove mask and rinse thoroughly.