Rappol Calming 3-in-1 wash 300g
Price RM54.30
Product SKU 8809144082895
Brand Rappol

Silicon sulfate not added. 3 in 1 multi-cleanser for FACE, BODY and HAIR.
It tends your skin into smooth and shiny skin without stimulation by the help
of hypoallergenic sub-acidity formulas.

Free from noxious ingredient. Trustful prescription
-Paraben/steroid/mineral oil/alcohol/silicon oil/artificial pigment/artificial scent
-Hypoallergenic sub-acidity wash, sulfate not added prescription, natural surfactant included
-Skin soothing, moisturizing, antibacterial, relieve skin eruption,skin wall regeneration
-Strengthening skin autogeny by including natural vegetable herb and NMF(Natural moisturizing factor)
-No skin burning! Relaxing effect of lavender aroma therapy
-Can use single cleanser as shampoo, body cleanser and face cleanser
-Relieves itchiness and irritation due to dry skin, grants luster and smoothness
사용순서 -Product composed of natural ingredient that is usable for children and pregnant women